Murcia Legal Services, Murcia Solicitors, Lawyers, Costa Calida Spain

Here you can find a wide range of legal services including: Wills, inheritence, purchase, sale and rental contracts, updating deeds, property valuations, nie numbers and residency. Free legal consultation available by appointment.

Legal services that we offer:
  • Land / Property Administrator.
  • Owners Constitution Communities.
  • Property Maintenance.
  • Measurements of rural and urban land.
  • Notarial and Catastral segregation.
  • Property Valuation.
  • Partition of Inheritance.
  • Wills.
  • Property land titles.
  • Legal Consultancy, Finance and Real Estate.
  • Notarial Procedures, Land registry, Municipal and Catastral.
  • Vehicle Transfers in 24 hours.
  • Real Estate Advisory.
  • Insurance Agency. (Catalana Occidente)
  • Removal of any debt attached to a property. 


Alfonso R. Ortega Martínez 
  • Titled Property Manager.
  • Diploma in Business Administration and Property Management.

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